Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Unity
  • Understanding
  • Communication
  • Excellence


MUKUWE MOYO™ is a private limited company started operations in March 2014 as an informal business, involved in formulating investment project in various sectors of the economy both local and abroad. MUKUWE MOYO™ is an entrepreneurial, 100% black owned entity, Venture Company. As a result to the changes in the economy of Zimbabwe over the past decade, it has inspired us to explore opportunities both locally and internationally. These changes have presented new avenues for the Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) to operate in the economic mainstream of our country.

Corporate Vision

MUKUWE MOYO™ to be the only Venture Company still operating within Zimbabwe and beyond our borders for the next generations. This must and will be the case for as long as humanly possible.

 Our Mission

MUKUWE MOYO™ aims to be the leading venture company in Africa& worldwide. We hope to become a world class small to medium business enterprise and also promote indigenization, entrepreneurial skills in our geographical sphere of influence.

Logo Symbolism

Our logo stands to show that despite the numerous variations to a problem, the solution still lies in the careful observation, deduction and resolution. They is always order in the random you simply just have to organize it patiently.

Professional Services

MUKUWE MOYO™ offers Project Management services in mainly mechanical designs, project management, Health Safety & Environment management, training, facilities management and other related technical projects.

  • Mining equipment& machinery supplies
  • Agricultural equipment& machinery supplies
  • Mine recapitalization and restoration
  • Mining and agricultural ventures
  • Small to medium scale mining
  • Industrial Intelligent Systems
  • Information Security
  • Creative arts and entertainment

Extended Business Activities

  • Provide complete engineering solutions, Asset Management and Asset Maintenance
  • Consulting on asset management, operations and asset maintenance
  • Asset Ownership and lease out.

MUKUWE MOYO™ Project Manages the above from feasibility study, design, budget control, site management, risk assessment i.e. identify hazards, MHI i.e. risk assessment of hazards and mitigation thereof. The BD&I model has proven success in all Projects undertaken

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